The TWheelMouse component makes it easy for the controls in your programs to respond to movements of the wheel on the latest mice in a consistent manner across Windows 95, 98 & NT4. It works on equally well on SDI and MDI programs and gives instant wheel support to most third party components components.

To use, simply drop a TWheelMouse component on a form. By default it can take care of controls with edge scroll bars automatically and for other controls it has a custom property editor where other controls on the form can be selected and the required action specified. This is just specifying what type of messages should be sent to the applicable control when the wheel is moved. TWheelMouse then takes care of sending the right messages (adjusting for scroll bars hiding/showing in the same way as NT4/98 controls) to the right control. It uses the user settings for wheel movement and will even cope with mice with different scroll resolutions. If you do require some other custom type of handling then there are wheel scroll event properties available. Special handling can also easily be added for controls created at run time. It you develop custom components then there is also the option of having TWheelMouse send the native WM_MOUSEWHEEL messages to the applicable control if the operating system doesn't. This means you can write components that only support the native message but will work on Windows 95 where that message never occurs.

Registered users will receive the full version with source code (via download of password protected file), unlimited email support and free upgrades until the next major revision.

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