A typical application starts its virtual sampler "session" by calling the initialization functions. It can then optionally modify the default global settings (using the configuration functions) before getting down to business with the play control functions. Playback can be stopped and restarted (and the configuration functions invoked again) at any time, until the shutdown function is called. The application can then start a new "session" - shutting down and reinitializing the virtual sampler amounts to a total reset - or forget all about VSL.DLL.

      In total, there are 26 Virtual Sampler Library interface functions. A minimal application can be built using less than a third of them.

      See the Examples section for source code using VSL.DLL.

      For details about the Virtual Sampler Library functions, see the Reference section.


      After unpacking the Virtual Sampler SDK archive, you should have the following directory structure on your hard disk: As noted above, the Mellosoftron is distributed in a separate archive.