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Remember all Suite ..

- Like to give your users a number of configuration options?

- Like to have them all saved automatically for you?

* Set up User Selectable Software Configations in seconds.

* All Values automatically saved in Windows INI file.

* With one button and one line of code, allow your users to store a different set of preferences for each user/situation, even adding their own.

User setup and configuration information is usually a mixture of strings, boolean checkboxes/radio buttons, sometimes Floats(eg Percentages/markups), Dates (eg Pay next date, ), integers (# users, next docket) etc. Any kind of sophisticated software will use these and more to specify all kinds of user options. Saving all of these different types, especially if you are using tables exclusively, is painful.

The main component in the Remember All Suite is TRememPanel. A descendant of TPanel, You can place a Tabbed Notebook or PageControl on the panel, and the place edit boxes (To Edit & Store your strings), Check Boxes & radio Buttons, Listboxes etc. On this panel. All the headaches of saving and restoring changes to their myriad properties are catered for automatically by the panel which saves the data to an INI file in true windows fashion.

Some properties saved include text, caption, colors, fonts, memos, richtext, trackbar positions, Updown, speed buttons, string grids, ListBox Setting/s and even visible or enabled. A number of these are optional and you can exclude particular components.

TRemempanel even allows you to (with 1 line of code) provide for a number of users, each with their own preferences.

To enhance capabilities, The TEditFields component, which completes the suite, allows you to store dates, integers, floats, times, currency, booleans etc. in a customer editable field. Entries can be validated to a particular type before being accepted, or you can use masked input.

But RememPanel can do more than just user preferences .. Have you ever wished that you could plonk a component on a form and have any changes made to that component stay, even if program is exited... your dreams have come true, just place it on TRememPanel.

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How To Purchase

Introductory Pricing (we reserve the right to change the price up or down at any time) All three versions of delphi are provided together.

Without Source $38.00US (Less than 1 man hour)

With Source $65.00US

To Order give contact & payment details. We will then provide you with the password to unlock the downloads below. Note: we take Visa card, Master card & Bankcard.