ProHelp 1.0 beta 2 (well-tested).
Copyright 1998 (c) by Glukhov Igor.



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1 Components

ProHelp consists of the following two native VCL components:

2 Core Benefits and Features

With ProHelp, your programs will be more professional in appearance and easier to use.

ProHelp can cut development time and technical support time, helping you turn your good software into great software!

ProHelp automatically supports all access methods to the context-sensitive help in the “What’s This?” style for:

Using the Tag property or a simplest event handler, you can associate help windows with nonwindowed controls.

ProHelp comes with a lot of automatically installable, fully customizable hints and Help topics for the most standard objects, including the standard dialog’s buttons (Apply, Cancel, Help and OK).

You can control the help window style by simply varying the context number sign.

You can also provide any menu command with two separate hints, corresponding to the enabled and disabled states by using the Hint property.

ProHelp has a many features not given above.

3 Usage and Customization

Using and customizing ProHelp is as easy as possible.

All you need is to place the and TigHelpButton components on the application’s main form, provided that all necessary help windows have been already developed and assigned to the appropriate objects.

TigHelpMonitor has the complete set of properties and events for the customization purposes.