Version 1.0 beta 3

The PixelGraphicLibrary offers several image processing objects and components for Delphi 2 and Delphi 3.

It includes a powerful TPixelGraphic object, which can hold the pixels' data in memory independent from the color resolution of the system. TPixelGraphic offers a Canvas, very fast Pixels and Bits properties, Stretch and Rotate methods which can make use of interpolation to avoid disturbing stair effects, palette optimization, dithering and a lot more...

A TPGImage control is included to display a PixelGraphic on the screen. This control can display true color graphics with an optimized palette and Floyd Steinberg Dithering on 256 color systems while keeping the true color data in memory. The palette optimization, dithering and stretching operations needed for an optimal output can be performed by an internal thread. This way your application can already react to user input while these calculations are performed. Great care was taken to ensure that this powerful control is extremely easy to use. The PixelGraphicLibrary is primarily designed to be used as the backbone for image processing applications but TPGImage offers several features like tiling, which make it the ideal component if you want to add wallpaper to your applications. Several transparent controls, like TPGRadioButton, TPGCheckBox and TPGPanel, are included in the library to be used on a TPGImage.

A TPGFileOpenDialog and a TPGFileSaveDialog add a preview for graphic files to the standard dialogs. These dialogs make extensive use of threads to give a great look and feel. The user does not have to wait until a file is loaded and a preview is generated before he can select another file. These dialogs are extremely easy to use, too. As an application programmer you probably will not notice that threads are used internally.

Several filter objects which can be applied on a graphic are also included. There are filters to operate in RGB, CMY, YCbCr, HLS and HSV color space. A convolution filter includes sharpen, detail, smooth, blur and contour features. Other filters allow you to grayscale an image (with or without RGB-weighting), to create a negative of a graphic or to change a graphic’s brightness, contrast and gamma. The included filter dialog components can be easily used by your application. Most of these allow you to change several parameters and show a small preview. These easy to use filter dialogs make internal use of threads to offer the best possible look and feel.

Several file formats, including the modern png format, are supported. The PixelGraphicLibrary also offers an interface to add support for your own and additional file formats.

The PixelGraphicLibrary is inside a single unit! No DLLs!

Shareware; 30-days-trial-period; Environment: Windows95, Delphi 2, Delphi 3; still incomplete documentation; Key by e-mail: US$ 47

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