The award-winning ImageLib DLL is a professional software programming tool that provides an inexpensive way to incorporate image and multimedia development into your applications, and is available in a convenient Combo package that includes both 16 Bit and 32 Bit versions. A special VCL/DLL package is available for Delphi developers. All of the features listed below are included in both versions.

  • Images, Text, Video, and Sound in one Tool

  • JPEG, PNG, PCX, BMP, GIF, TIFF, ICO, WMF, CMS, SCM and Multimedia Formats in BLOB Fields

  • Effective Error Trapping

  • Ultra Fast and Easy Implementation

  • Museum Quality Images in Seconds

  • Many fine Implementable Code Examples

  • Fully TWAIN and Multi-Platform Compliant

  • Fast Response Tech support from our Developers

  • JPEG support, including Grayscale
  • Text Over Image & Text Rotation

  • Scrolling Text Messages

  • VCL Source Code and Much More

  • Icons stored in BLOB Fields in List/Combo Boxes

  • Ratio Sizing and Image Conversion

  • Optional automatic Color Reduction and Dithering

  • Up/Down image scaling

  • Support for most PNG formats

ImageLib allows programmers to implement BMP, CMS, GIF, ICO, JPG, PCX, PNG, SCM, TIF, and WMF images into their applications. In addition, AVI, MOV, MID, WAV, and RMI multimedia formats are supported. These image and multimedia formats can be implemented to/from a file or database BLOB field. This Twain compliant release of ImageLib is available in a Combo package (includes both 16 & 32 Bit versions) with source code examples and online documentation.

Other image and multimedia development tools are far more expensive than ImageLib. When users compare ImageLib's color resolution with other imaging tools, they find that ImageLib yields superior results. We proudly invite you to compare our product to our competition's more expensive image libraries.

Delphi developers: ImageLib is also available as a special VCL/DLL for use in Delphi. Included in this package are SIXTEEN Delphi VCL components, a Dynamic Link Library (DLL), VCL source code for the components, programming examples, electronic help files, and online documentation.

ImageLib Combo (16 & 32 Bit) - $ 199.00 (U.S.)
To order, call Skyline Tools at (818) 766-3900.

Updated trial versions with new JPEG version 6a.

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