Second file is INF for DSP. = Thanks!
Name:  =20 CoolControls
Version:   1.05
To replace:  =20 1.04
File:   coolctls.exe
Size:  =20 789Kb
Status:   Shareware
Price:   USD 16/32 = with=20 sources
Target:   D2/D3/D4/BCB1/BCB3
Description: =20
CoolControls provides you with the = way to create=20 advanced Windows
controls.There are several controls and components=20 available at this time:
TCoolListBox, TCoolComboBoxBox, = TCoolEdit,=20 TCoolEditBtn, TCoolStringGrid,
TCoolLabel, TDBCoolListBox,=20 TDBCoolComboBoxBox, TDBCoolEdit, TDBCoolEditBtn,
TDBCoolText, = TCoolFormHook,=20 TMDICoolFormHook, TDesktop, TMessageTracer
Rounded forms, forms without = captions (standard=20 or MDI Children), forms
that can be dragged using client area, = wallpaper for=20 listboxes, comboboxes,
edits, grids and forms, captions for controls = (they=20 even can be dragged in run-time)
TRANSPARENCY for all controls and = forms,=20 single glyph or imagelist for
listboxes and comboboxes, flat = (Office97)=20 borders, 3D look for items,
multiline string grids, custom colors = and fonts=20 for each grid's cell and MORE. Desktop
component to control desktop and = various system=20 settings.
Comes together with TMessageTracer a must have tool for = serious=20 programmers,
monitors messages sent to any windowed control. = TMessageTracer=20 being
distributed with the full source = codes.
Artem A. = Berman
http://www.ukrcom.kherson.ua/= ~art/  =20
http://www.webset.de/software= /art/
http://www.snc.ru/~torry/artem/<= /A>
artem612 on AOL   = //Instant Messenger=20 only!
2175045 on ICQ    //You always can leave a=20 message.