TSaveListView v1.10

January 15th, 1999 -- Y-Tech Corporation is pleased to announce the release of the TSaveListView v1.10 Component for Borland Delphi. Essentially, TSaveListView has 2 main features (1) It can save and Load the contents of any TListView and (2) It can handle all File UI (User Interface) Logic for your Application. You don't need to worry about Save As.../Open Dialogs, disabling buttons, and all that... TSaveListView can do it all for you. But, if you just want to be able to save and load the contents of a TListView, using feature (2) is completely optional of course.

The following is a list of some of TSaveListView's major features:.

With the TSaveListView component, you can do in less than an hour what would otherwise take you from a few days to more than a week (depending on the complexity of your application). This component is definitely a must-have for any person who wants to be able to save and load the contents of a TListView.

TSaveListView also has a sister component, TExportListView that can be used to print or export the contents of any TListView to over 7 different formats!

For those of you who really want to write Applications the easy way (and in record time), have a look at the TMultiSaveIt Component (for SDI Apps) and the TMDISaveIt Component (for MDI Apps).

Another component worth checking out is the TSaveCheckState component which can remember the Check State of any menu item in a TMainMenu or TPopupMenu, thereby instantly remembering your user's preferences.

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