TSaveCheckState v1.10

January 15th, 1999 -- Y-Tech Corporation is pleased to announce the release of the TSaveCheckState v1.10 Component for Borland Delphi. TSaveCheckState can save and restore the Check States (i.e. Check Marks) of any Checked Item on a TMainMenu or TPopupMenu component. It's simple-to-use but powerful in design.

The following is a list of some of TSaveCheckState's major features:.

Remembering user's preferences should be an essential feature of any Application and with the TSaveCheckState component, you can quickly and painlessly give your Application (and hence, you users) that capability.

For those of you who really want to write Applications the easy way (and in record time), have a look at the TMultiSaveIt Component (for SDI Apps) and the TMDISaveIt Component (for MDI Apps).

If you work with TListViews you might want to consider the TSaveListView component which lets you easily save and load the contents of any TListView and the TExportListView component which can print or export the contents of any TListView to 7 different formats!

To download, please visit our Web Site at: