TMDISaveIt v1.00 - Initial Release

January 15th, 1999 -- Y-Tech Corporation is pleased to announce the initial release of the TMDISaveIt Component for Borland Delphi. TMDISaveIt is actually a suite of 4 easy-to-use components that combine extreme flexibility with sheer power. Essentially, TMDISaveIt handles all File UI (User Interface) Logic for your MDI Application. It can handle virtually any situation so all you actually have to do is to write the actual File I/O code!

The following is a list of some of TMDISaveIt's major features:.

With the TMDISaveIt suite of components, you can do in less than an hour what would otherwise take you from a few days to more than a month (depending on the complexity of your application). This component is definitely a must-have for any Borland Delphi MDI Application Author. TMDISaveIt also has a sister component, TMultiSaveIt that can handle all your SDI saving needs.

If you work with TListViews you might want to consider the TSaveListView component which lets you easily save and load the contents of any TListView and the TExportListView component which can print or export the contents of any TListView to 7 different formats!

Another component worth checking out is the TSaveCheckState component which can remember the Check State of any menu item in a TMainMenu or TPopupMenu, thereby instantly remembering your user's preferences.

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