The TExportX Component Suite

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TExportX is the name we've given to our new family of Export Components. These components can print or export your source data to 10 different Formats (including HTML, Microsoft Word & Excel). They can Export to Screen or directly to file and can even export if the Target App is not installed on the user's computer! TExportX  uses absolutely no OLE/ActiveX Automation code, making it both fast and reliable.

TExportX Components

  1. The TExportX Component Suite includes:
    TExportExtListView & TExportEnhListView (for Brad Stower's ListView Components)
    TExportStrings (see below)

  2. The TExportX-DB Component Suite includes:
    TExportTable (Can Export any Table, Query, ClientDataSet or other DataSet)
    Bonus: Upon Registration, you get all the components in the TExportX Component Suite as well.

  3. TExportStrings freeware.gif (1257 bytes)
    Export any TStrings, StringList or TStrings-Using Component (like Memos, Listboxes, CheckListBoxes, ComboBoxes, etc...)

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Here are some snapshots of exported documents:

Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
HTML (htSimple Template)
HTML (htOlive Template)


Designed for Delphi 2, 3 and 4.
Completely International. Supports any language.
Extremely easy to use, learn to use it in under 10 minutes!
All Exports are very fast even for large amounts of data (including Word & Excel.)
Does not use any OLE/Active-X Code, therefore exports are extremely reliable.


Has 10 different built-in Export Formats (HTML, Microsoft Word, Excel, Rich Text, Text, CSV (Coma-Delimited), Tab-Delimited, DIF (Data Interchange Format), SYLK & Clipboard)
Supports all 32-bit versions of Word and also the most recent 16-bit versions.
Supports Excel v5.0 and higher.
Each Export Format can be Viewed on Screen or exported directly to File.
Can Export to file even if the target application is not installed on the user's computer
Any Export Format can be disabled (This feature can come in handy sometimes)
Can Print also.
Users can choose the Export Format themselves using the Choose Dialog or you can specify the Export Format yourself.

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HTML Exporting

AutoLink URLs. You can choose to support automatic linking of URLs and e-mail addresses. An example would be a list of employees and their e-mail addresses. This could be exported to HTML and whoever reads it could easily e-mail any employee.
Templates. Choose from one of 8 styles for your exported documents, or simply create your own using the HTML_CustomTemplate property..
GridLines. You can choose to display table borders if you want to.
Odd-Row Coloring. Odd rows can have a different color than the even rows, producing easy-to-read HTML output.
Can fully customize the "look" of your HTML document using a combination of the HTML_CustomTemplate property and inserting your own HTML Code in the Header and Footer properties.

Other Features

Remembers the User's Most Recently Used Export Type so that they can quickly export multiple reports to the same format.
Options for Exporting Visible Columns Only, Selected Rows Only, Row Numbering, TimeStamping & more.
You can specify your own Exported Column Headings or simply use the default ones.
Can export Database Memo Fields.
The optional ColWidths property gives you precise control over the widths of the exported columns.
Shows Progress and user can cancel export at any time. (if they're fast enough ;)

Export Progress Dialog

Special TExportListView Component Features

Exports Dragged Column Headers properly. Delphi 4's TListView does not normally support column header dragging correctly, so we had to go to a lot of trouble to get this working properly.


TExportListView v2 was completely rewritten to be optimized for export speed. The results are very impressive, even Word & Excel exports are now extremely fast.

With the release of v2.5, all TExportX components now share the same export engine, so TExportListView's speed statistics are a good indicator of how any TExportX component will perform.

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As you can see, even 1,000 records export in virtually no time!

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