SGraph ver 2.3

License and Disclaimer


This is a set of 32 bit Delphi components and classes for 2D plot. It is relatively simple, but can be used in many cases. It is more gauge then presentation element. The main features are:

The supplied one includes full sources and help file suited for using by Delphi IDE.
The main component is Tsp_XYPlot. It holds four Tsp_Axis and controls Data Series. The Tsp_XYPlot and Tsp_Axis provide base plot functionality like auto scale, zoom and pan and so on. The Data Series must be derived from Tsp_DataSeries and implements data storage and how data are painted on the plot canvas. An example of these components is Tsp_XYLine and Tsp_SpectrLines. Plot also can has and controls components inherited from Tsp_PlotMarker. Plot marker draws something on the plot using axis coordinate system. An example of these components are Tsp_LineMarker and Tsp_ImageMarker.

License and Disclaimer

The component files are freeware. You may copy those files as long as you COPY ALL OF THEM. You cannot distribute source of main units in modified form, except unit for data series. If you want to make ActiveX using this components you must ask me for permission.
Copyright 1998-1999, Sergei P. Pod'yachev.

This software and the accompanying files are provided "As Is" and without any warranties as to performance of merchantability or any other warranties whether expressed or implied. The Author cannot and does not guarantee that any functions contained in the Software will be error free. The author is not liable for any damages resulting from the use and misuse of the component.

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