The profiler for Delphi 2/3/4


The tool to optimize
your  source code !

ProDelphi is a tool to optimize the source code of your Delphi program.

The profiler inserts statements at the beginning and the end of all procedures. If a procedure is called, the actual no of CPU-cycles executed so far is stored. At the end of the procedure it is calculated, how many CPU-cycles have been used.

When the program ends (or at runtime), an overview about all called procedures with runtime, no of calls etc. is generated. Conditional compilation fully supported.

Make your program faster !
Which methods, procedures, functions, objects or units consume the most time ?

How many times is a function called ?

How many CPU-Cycles does a procedure need (or how many µS) ?

Get sorted reports about the runtime of your sources.

A fast overview
about time consuming procedures,
objects and units is given by built-in viewer.
Detailed results
are stored as text file and as export file (for the viewer or data base program).
Debug your program !
ProDelphi can insert statements for post mortem review into your sources, so you'll get the actual call stack when your program aborts.
DLL-Support included.
API for switching measurement on/off.
The Freeware Version can measure the runtime of 20 procedures. The Professional Version can measure 10 000 procedures and has 2 more (minor important) functions.
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