The profiler for Delphi 2/3/4


The tool to optimize
your  source code !

ProDelphi is a tool to optimize the source code of your Delphi program.

The profiler inserts statements at the beginning and the end of all procedures. If a procedure is called, the actual no of CPU-cycles executed so far is stored. At the end of the procedure it is calculated, how many CPU-cycles have been used.

When the program ends (or at runtime), an overview about all called procedures with runtime, no of calls etc. is generated.

Make your program faster !

Which methods, procedures, functions, objects or units consume the most time ?

How many times is a function called ?

How many CPU-Cycles does a procedure need (or how many µS) ?

Get sorted reports about the runtime of your sources.

A fast overview
about time consuming procedures,
objects and units is given by built-in viewer.

Detailed results
are stored as text file and as export file (for the viewer or data base program).

Debug your program !

ProDelphi can insert statements for post mortem review into your sources, so you'll get the actual call stack when your program aborts.

DLL-Support now included.

The Freeware Version can measure the runtime of 20 procedures. The Professional Version can measure 10 000 procedures and has 2 more (minor important) functions.

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