intel Signal Processing Library (iSPL)
version 4.1
Delphi interface patch and examples
by Robert Rossmair

intel Signal Processing Library



Intels native signal processing library is a set of signal processing functions for the Intel Architecture similar to those available for most Digital Signal Processors (DSPs). NSP.DLL exports a total of 951 procedures and functions.

Unlike the previous versions, version 4.1 comes with a Delphi interface of its own. However, a closer examination reveals some shortcomings. First of all, with the exception of the filter design functions all functions using Double data types are missing. Further, there are some bugs and typos which need fixing, and the translation of some function headers IMHO at least falls short of the optimum. And finally, I wanted to include some declarations to facilitate switching to library version 4.1 for those who used my interface unit for version 4.0.

Hence I decided to provide a patch file, nsp.dif. To apply this patch to your iSPL installation, you need GNU patch v2.5 (click here to download). Earlier versions might work, but I did not test them. Note that this binary of patch is part of DJGPP and that it is not able to handle long filenames.

Current patch level

    4.1.1 (20-May-1999)


  • FIR (finite impulse response) filter demo program
  • This is a (freely translated) Delphi port of the demo that can be found in <ISPL installation directory>\examples\firdemo.
  • LMS (least mean squares) demo
  • This is a somewhat elaborated version of example 8.7 from the Reference Manual (project Examples.dpr).
    To compile the examples, you need version 3.2 or greater of my Signal Display package.

    Download the intel Signal Processing Library

    The iSPL v4.1 comes as a monolithic 11 MB executable installation package. To obtain it, click here.

    Download nsp.zip

    To download a zipped file containing the patch and the example files, click here.

    New versions of nsp.zip

    The most recent version of nsp.zip is available at my WWW-homepage.
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    Last updated May 20, 1999.