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Borland Database Engine

BDE Developer Support - Latest BDE / SQL Links Update

English, French, German, Italian and Spanish ZIP versions now available.
The latest available version of the BDE and SQL Links is v4.51. Maintenance customers will automatically be shipped a CD version of the BDE v4.51 update. This BDE version also ships with Visual dBASE v7. See the BDE / SQL Links Versions page to determine your current version. Included in v4.51 are the following new features:
  • Native FoxPro driver separate from the dBASE driver

  • New dbf (dBASE) file format features
    • Long field names (up to 31 characters)
    • New field types: TimeStamp, Double, Integer, AutoIncrement
    • Field contraints: Min, max, required, and default
    • Null character fields
    • Distinct indexes: key violation when attempting to add a duplicate
    • Primary distinct index
    • Referential integrity
    • Table constraints: an array of strings containing logical dBASE expressions that act as row-level constraints when attempting to save a row

  • Native DAO 3.5 driver for connecting to Access 97 databases

Important Update Notes:

  • This update will not place BDE files on a system which does not already include an older BDE version. This is an update program, not an installation program. Due to legal reasons, this will exclude the BDE from becoming freeware from Borland. Under your Borland license agreement, you still have the right to distribute the BDE, including this version, with your programs.

  • In all cases, if the core BDE files are found, the entire BDE 4.51 core will be installed. Versions of the BDE that did not have the native FoxPro or MSACCESS driver will have these new drivers installed; Existing drivers will be updated.

  • Only files found in the registered BDE directory will be updated. i.e. If you do not have SQL Links in the registered BDE directory, the SQL Links will not be placed on the system; This is also true for the BDE32.HLP file, Datapump, MIDAS, and BDE cab file.

  • All versions of the 32 Bit BDE are backward compatible. Any 32 Bit Borland product can take advantage of the new features of BDE 4.51.

  • BDE and SQL Links 4.51 is fully backward compatible with all prior versions of 32 Bit BDE and SQL Links.

  • If you choose to install to a different directory, not overwriting the current BDE, make sure you change all shortcuts from the old BDEADMIN.EXE to the new BDEADMIN.EXE in the new directory. This will allow the new features to be set correctly (dBASE level 7 and MSACCESS DAO 3.5).

Choose Language Version

BDE v4.51 Download Availability
WWW Self-Extracting
FTP Self-Extracting
Not available
Not available
Not available
Not available
Not available
Not available
Not available
Not available

NOTE: File sizes differ between 9.79MB (10,269,420 bytes) and 10.00MB (10,545,856 bytes)

If the latest version is not what you are looking for, check the old BDE versions page.

The following E-Mail address is intended for questions or problems with the current page only. US developer support questions should be handled through any of the Borland Assist options. Non-US developer support should be handled through an international Borland office in your area. The administrator of this page reserves the right to reply only to questions pertaining to the current page. All other types of inquiries will be ignored!
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