Multimedia Jukebox


The Multimedia Jukebox Utility plays a list of MID, WAV, AVI, etc. multimedia files. You can select multimedia files from a file list and they play one after another --- like a JUKEBOX. You can play hours of your favorite midi music while you program. Furthermore, The Borland C++ Builder source code is provided which demonstrates how to use the TrackBar, Timer, StatusBar, MultiPlayer, DriveCombo, DirectoryList, and FileList controls. It also demonstrates how to do drag and drop operations. (You can drag one or more multimedia files from the file list to the playlist.) The types of multimedia files that Jukebox plays are:

·  MIDI (.mid) Musical Instrument Digital Interface.

·  WAV (.wav) Waveform Sound

·  AVI (.avi) Audio Video Interleaved (Movie Clip)

·  MPEG (.mpg) Moving Picture Expert Group

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