Author(s) Marco Cantu'
Title Mastering Delphi 2 for Windows 95/NT
Publisher Sybex
ISBN 0-7821-1860-7
Source code on CD
Price 49.99
Level beginer

Table of Contents

New or heavily corrected parts in this edition are merked by bold

Chapter 1: A Form Is a Window

Chapter 2: Highlights of the Delphi Environment

Chapter 3: The Object Repository and the Experts

Chapter 4: The Pascal Language

Chapter 5: Object Pascal as an OOP Language

Chapter 6: The Visual Component Library

Chapter 7: A Tour of the Basic Components

Chapter 8: Creating and Handling Menus

Chapter 9: Back to the Form

Chapter 10: Graphical Components

Chapter 11: A Toolbar and a Status Bar

Chapter 12: Multiple Forms and Dialog Boxes

Chapter 13: Scrolling and Multipage Forms

Chapter 14: Splitting Windows

Chapter 15: Creating MDI Applications

Chapter 16: Using OLE Controls

Chapter 17: Building Database Applications

Chapter 18: Client/Server and Advanced Database Applications

Chapter 19: Discovering the Application Structure

Chapter 20: Exploring the Behavior of a Program

Chapter 21: Using Resources

Chapter 22: Adding Printing Capabilities to Delphi Applications

Chapter 23: Adding File Support to Applications

Chapter 24: Exchanging Data

Chapter 25: The Power of OLE

Chapter 26: Multimedia Fun

Chapter 27: Creating Components

Chapter 28: Dynamic Link Libraries

Appendix A: A Short Overview of OOP Concepts

Appendix B: An Introduction to SQL